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birawa manpower supply and rope access

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We offer various range of Services and Maintenance in Oil-Gas industries, Fabrication, Plantation, Manufacturing Facilities both onshore and offshore.

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birawa manpower supply and rope access
  • Oil-Gas Sector
  • Civil Construction
  • Management Personnel

01. Manpower Supply Agency Indonesia

Providing Manpower Supply - Labor Supply, We cater the demands and needs of oil and gas companies, whether upstream or downstream, onshore/offshore locations, that need the support of qualified manpower.

birawa manpower supply and rope access Details +
birawa manpower supply and rope access
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Installation

02. Provide Indonesia Rope Access Services

Applications for modern rope access include inspection, surveying, maintenance, and construction on bridges, dams, wind turbines, towers, buildings, and industrial plants. While inspection is the most common application, painting, welding, cutting and heavy material handling can be accomplished by rope access professionals using specialised procedures.

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birawa manpower supply and rope access
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Electric and Pneumatic
  • Modular, Interlocking

03. Habitat

Habitat is a tent made of flexible fire retardant panels designed to be enclosed over an area where hot work is performed in other to create an overpressure environment that acts as a barrier between an ignition source (hot work) and an explosive/fire hazard (hydrocarbon). It is portable and inflatable structure designed to facilitate hot work for use in hazardous areas.

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birawa manpower supply and rope access
  • Preheating
  • Solution Annealing
  • Stress Relieving

04. PWHT Services

We offer a full range of on site heat treatment services, to the power industry, oil and gas, fabrication and casting industries. Working safely and closely to meet the clients specific procedures and requirements, to enable a quality service at a competitive cost.

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birawa manpower supply and rope access
  • General Overhaul
  • Flange Facing
  • Cold Cutting

05. Machining-Overhaul-Flange Facing-Cold Cutting

We Provide on site machining including General Engine Overhaul, Flange Facing and Cold Cutting.

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birawa manpower supply and rope access
  • Inline Inspection & Long Range UT-Robotic Cameras

06. Pipeline Integrity-Corrosion-In Line Inspection

PT. Birawa Adhi Pratama provide various service in terms of Inspection - Application - Solution - Products for Composite Wrapping-Corrosion Control-Inline Inspection & Intelligent Pigging.

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birawa manpower supply and rope access
  • Hottap
  • Line Stop

07. Provide Hottap and line stop services

Hot tapping refers to attaching connections and associated equipment to pipelines while they remain operational and/or under stress, minimizing impact and the potential costly need to shut down existing services.

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