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Positive Pressure Enclosure | Hot Work Habitat

Habitat is a tent made of flexible fire retardant panels designed to be enclosed over an area where hot work is performed in other to create an overpressure environment that acts as a barrier between an ignition source (hot work) and an explosive/fire hazard (hydrocarbon). It is portable and inflatable structure designed to facilitate hot work for use in hazardous areas.

It is a stand-alone system that does not require tie-in to vessel gas detection or control systems, or costly production shut downs. The fire retardant panels easily fit together to provide a pressurized environment, creating a safe enclosure when there is a requirement for hot work (welding, burning, cutting, grinding etc.) and electrical cabling in potentially hazardous areas.

Our Habitats system allows hot work to be performed that would normally require the costly shutdown of an asset,The PPWE (Positive Pressure Welding Enclosure) are typically used for: Hot work at Zone 1 | Hot work at Zone 2.

Before the advent of pressurized welding enclosures, petrochemical facilities were required to shut down entire production trains, units, or platforms to ensure a safe environment to perform hot work. BIRAWA PPWE's allow for hot work to be conducted in a small isolated area of a facility while minimizing operational impacts on the rest of the facility.

What we Offer

PT. Birawa can provide you with an all-encompassing service solutions within the habitat including welding, plating, pipe fitting, corrosion management, reducing the cost and time spent on performing time critical integrity activities. Our multi-discipline teams will perform all the work helping you to cut spending with no compromise to safety.

  • Environment Friendly
  • Fire retardant and interchangeable
  • Provides a barrier between heat source and flammables
  • Audio and Visual warning system inside and outside the enclosure
  • Safe Hot Works In Hazardous Areas
  • Automatic Gas Detection and Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
  • No Down Time on Oil and Gas Installations and Drilling Operations
  • Perforation covers allow construction around pipes, cable ducts, beams etc
  • Flexible Design and Various Sizes to suit all applications, Pipe/Structural Repairs, Inspections and Maintenance
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Provide Welding Habitat Chamber Sale and Services