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Overhaul In Situ Machining

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Overhaul and In Situ Machining

Applications - Solution - Services

Birawa Provide Engine Overhaul-Flange Facing and Cold Cutting Services

We also provide In Situ Machining-On Site Machining services.

Our services consist of major repairs, rebuilds and other undertakings, which are essential for the Industrial Engines Overhauling Services.

Overhaul In Situ Machining

Application - Solution - Services

Overhaul In situ Machining

Provide Engine Overhaul-Insitu|Onsite Machining.

General Overhaul | Insitu-Onsite Machining

PT. Birawa Adhi Pratama as a service provider for Overhaul, Repair, Maintenance of production machines.

Our team are capable to assembly custom portable machine required to do the On-site-in situ machining, by previously site visit and determined the appropriate method and machines type. This Service is very suitable for our client who have large Equipment, Engine, Workpiece and required heavy cost to be removed or unable to be removed.

A NEW ENGINE is an engine that has been manufactured from all new parts and tested by an approved manufacturer. The engine will have no operating history except for test cell time when received. No approved manufacturer can approve another entity to manufacture or assemble a NEW ENGINE.

An OVERHAULED ENGINE is an engine which has been disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired as necessary and tested. The engine may be OVERHAULED to NEW LIMITS or SERVICE LIMITS and still be considered approved OVERHAUL. The engine's previous operating history is maintained and it is returned to you with zero time since major OVERHAUL and a total time since new that is the same as before the OVERHAUL.

Onsite Machining

Our Specialized Technician, also capable to perform Both ONLINE or Offline Tire Predyer Tire In and Out Machining 2 Step Machining.

Provide Services ONLINE or Offline Tire Predyer Tire In and Out Machining 2 Step Machining.

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Flange Facing & Cold Cutting

Application - Solution - Services

Flange Facing & Cold Cutting

Provide Flange Facing and Cold Cutting Services.


PT. Birawa Adhi Pratama provide Flange Facing service as part of our Machining services.

Our Flange Facing Equipment is able to perform:

-Flange range of 0-305mm (0” to 12”).

-Flange range of 711 mm (28”) to 1829 mm (72”).

-It can mount inside flanges having 1219mm (48”) bores and can machine out to over 3048mm (120”) in diameter.

Mount equipment so no matter the flange we can machine it in place, and all work is done to industry standards and specifications.

Our equipment is durable, easy to maneuver, and capable of handling your flange facing needs at peak industry standards.


PT. Birawa Adhi Pratama provide Cold Cutting service as part of our Machining services.

Cold cutting allows you to cut and chamfer your piping without generating flames or sparks in your system, which prevents any ignition of residual gases contained inside out-of-service lines.

Cold cutting machines allow us to cut and bevel pipe simultaneously, resurface flange faces and machine the inside diameter of a pipe with a counter bore or transition. With our integrated services and versatile equipment, we can simply mount a different attachment in the field with minimal delays.

Cold Cutting Range Services

2” – 41”


Cutting and Beveling


Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, Inconel, others.



Cold Cutting Advantages

  • The cold cutting procedure is more affordable since the time-consuming and arduous hand grinding process to achieve a weld-ready surface is eliminated.
  • Working without a hot work permit is possible.
  • Improved material qualities are the outcome of preventing the Heat Affected Zone.
  • Absence of explosive risk.
  • No contamination from the air.
  • A reduction in the risks associated with hot cutting. It is safer to cut cold.
  • Rapid and efficient operation.
  • No flame or spark.

Cold Cutting Applications

  • Access – In places where “hot works” would not be allowed, access openings can be made using cold cutting.
  • Decommissioning – When decommissioning outdated plant machinery, cold cutting is a helpful technique.

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