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Bolt Torque Tensioning

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Bolt Torque - Tensioning

Applications - Solution - Services

Birawa provide service Hydraulic bolt Tensioning & bolt Torqueing

Bolt Tensioning is controlled method of applying the correct pressure load to a fastener assembly using hydraulic tools.

Bolt Torque Tensioning

Application - Solution - Services

Bolt Torque - Tensioning

Bolting Services Top side and Subsea

Controlled Bolting

Controlled bolting is the process for correctly applying a known load to a mechanical joint to ensure it’s joint integrity.

As bolted joints are often one of the most common elements in industrial components, the reliability of each joint is of the utmost importance. The physics that explain fastening devices for bolting are well known, and over the years, we’ve developed accurate means of measuring and applying force to joints consistently.

Offshore and Subsea Bolting Services

We are able manage bolting for Subsea Projects supported by skilled diver and techncian.

Torque Tension Techniques

Applying torque or tension forces to mechanical connections are the two most commonly used approaches used to tighten a bolt. Torque tightening utilises the helix of the bolt thread to guide the nut down the bolt threads, which in turn applies a bolt load.

This is usually carried out using hydraulic torque wrenches. Whereas Tensioning applies a direct tensile (stretching) load to the bolt avoiding the torsional (twisting) reaction forces associated with torque.

PT. Birawa Adhi Pratama product line up to provide service of Bolting are using the latest innovations to ensure that our Bolting and Bolted Joint Integrity operations are carried out fast, efficient and above all safe! Our technicians ensure that correct bolt loads are achieved.

Our Applications

  • Broken stud replacement
  • Hot bolting
  • Standard torque and tensioning applications
  • Nut splitting
  • Stud removal
  • Complete range of box and low profile wrenches
  • Custom reaction arms
  • Re-torquing after a shutdown or turnaround

Benefits Features

  • Improves safety on the job
  • Reduces maintenance down time
  • Ideal for confined spaces difficult locations
  • Gives reliable and precise tensioning / torquing
  • Multiple tensioning for leak-free flange makeup
  • Avoid hydrocarbon leakages to environment


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